puukko knifes


I'm a knife making hobbiest from Finland. In these pages you can find pictures of my knife works. I purchase all my blank blades from professional knife makers and knife making factories and that's where I start planning the handle form and profile and also gathering materials for the handle. I am using different kind of materials from wood to antler, acrylic etc. You can find even mammoth or walrus tusk on my knife handles. To mention some blades and knife brands that I have customized... Roselli, Enzo, Helle, Lauri, Fällknifen, Puronvarsi, Karllson, Mora... Mainly my works are scandi type knifes but fulltang knifes will do fine, too.

All the leather works are also handcrafted in my workshop. The sheat is most demanding and time-consuming part in knife making. There are lots of detailed work in every level of it. I could make a list of more than hundred stages to finish the knife and a sheath to the finish. Having said that it's been really rewarding hobby among great new friends and acquaintances.

Please look at some sample pictures about knifes that I have made. I have got experience of hundreds of custom knifes and delidered them to all the continents in the world. Feel free to comment and enjoy what you see!

My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thetopicala/featured



You want to know more please write me or leave a comment!