puukko knifes

T. Karlsson blade, red wood and antler

traditional Finnish puukko knife

Huge Puronvarsi Leuku Laplander knife and Australian Ringed Gidgee wood

Juniper and Padauk on the handle. Stainless Lauri blade

Enzo Nordic and Turkish walnut.

white raffir in the knife handle

two custom Roselli hunting blades with white raffir and Eben wood

Enzo Nordic 12c27 and stabilized Ash burl.

carbon steel Roselli 100mm blade

Carbon steel Roselli hunter knife with curly birch and Bog Oak, special cut design.

Roselli carbon steel carpenter knife and Sallow root+Turkish walnut.

Roselli carbon steel 100mm and stabilized Hawaii Koa handle

brass end cap

carbon steel Polar blade and acrylic handle

birch bark handle and 125mm Anssi carbon steel blade

Laplander knifes

Finnish hunting knife; Roselli carbon steel 100mm and Finnish curly birch

Three Laplander knifes. "Lapin leuku" in Finnish. I have used birch bark and curly birch in the handles. The handles have been treated with tar oil.

Fällkniven S1 blade custom work with stained curly birch and antler

Ovangol wood and Helle blade

Puronvarsi hunting blade and stabilized walnut

Lauri carbon steel and birch bark with brass end decoration.

Curly birch tinted in black stain.

Nordic leather sheath making.

Finnish curly birch and Desert Ironwood spacial cut wooden handlewith white propylene spacer line and carbon steel blade

Field dressing, opening knife for a hunter.

Full tang knife; Canadian Grohmann boat knife and stabilized redwood

making full tang; Grohmann bird knife with birch handle

Small Roselli fish fillet with red acryl and antler

acrylic handles with Lauri carbon steel blades

acrylic camo knife handle

handmade custom leather sheaths

customized leather sheaths making

custom sheath for hunting knife with fire steel

custom sheath

brown custom sheath with fire steel

Puronvarsi hunting knife with birch bark handle (tar oiled)

mirror shiny end palte

small Puronvarsi carving diamond blade and bich bark/leather handle with brass spacer deco stripes

carbon steel Roselli blade and Bog Oak with dark antler and light spacer decoration

flamed old growth Redwood and UHC Roselli carpenter blade

small and big fish fillet for Roselli's UHC blades

Helle Temagami with Eucalyptus Vasticola burl handle

apple tree on the knife handle

knife making head nutt material

Huge Roselli Laplander for Taro, birch bark handle. Picture "Taromovies"

knife making; white and blue polypropylene spacer decoration in the handle


I'm a Finnish knife making hobbiest from Finland. In these pages you can find pictures of my knifes. I buy the blank knife blades from knife factories and that's where I start my hobby making a handle for the knife by using different kind of materials from wood to antler, acrylic etc. To mention some blades and knife brands that I have customized... Roselli, Enzo, Helle, Lauri, Fällknifen, Polar, Puronvarsi, Karllson, Mora, Anssi... Mainly my works are scandi type knifes but fulltang knifes will do fine, too.

After finished the knife I start making the sheath. The sheat is most demanding and time-consuming work in knife making. There are lot of little details in knife making but also with sheath making. I could make a list of more than hundred stages to finish the knife and a sheath for it.

Please look at some sample pictures about knifes that I have made. I have got experience of hundreds of custom knifes and delidered them to all the continents in the world. Feel free to comment and enjoy what you see!

My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thetopicala/featured