Puronvarsi hunting blade with stabilized walnut

Padauk and curly birch, carbon steel field dressing blade and carver blade

local Oak wood with red spacer lines

custom made Fällkniven S1, stained curly birch and antler on the handle

genuine Jacklore blade; 'Classic' model and stabilized Afzelia wood scales

custom Fällkniven S1, stained curly birch and antler

carbon steel Polar blade and blue acrylic

Incredible Afzelia wood on knife handle

Afzelia wood on my Jacklore replica knife handle

Desert Ironwood and Jacklore Classic tapered blade with mosaic pins. The blade is original Sandy's production.

Jacklore knife and sheath replica

Carbon steel Lauri 77mm and special cut Juniper/Padauk (at front)

ss Lauri blade with stacked birch bark and flamed tar oiled birch

Puronvarsi Hunter model with black antler and stacked leather

Stabilized black tinted mable handle.

blade; Roselli Grandfather. handle; Curly birch / Bog Oak

Scandi type knife sheaths with dangler belt loop.

Some Lauri carbon steel blades attached to Mahogany wood. Knifes for Bushcraft Akademie.

carbon steel Roselli carpenter blade, curly birch handle, partly gun stock oiled -partly tar oiled, polypropylene (plastic) color spacers

In this page I will show newest knifes creations.