How to make a hole for front bolster by the master Tapio Syrjälä guidence. thetopicala/YouTube

Stainless steel blade 220 by Laurin Metalli. stained curly birch and bronze bolsters.

Moose antler and stained curly birch. lauri 145mm carbon steel blade.

Carbon steel 145mm Roselli long hunter and african blackwood with white spacers.

Naturalt Turkish walnut is very beautiful wood. Polishes nicely.

Custom Roselli, black stained curly birch with whte&blue spacers. +firesteel.

Custom Roselli 100mm carbon steel with spectacular birch wood and some green-white-orange spacers.

Lauri 77 & leopard wood.

Another Roselli 88mm carbon with stabilized curly birch.

Roselli carbon steel 88mm blade, stabilized masur birch. Neck carry system + dangler belt loop.

Stacked leather and antler and a Puronvarsi blade...

Matching pair of knife and firesteel

Roselli grandfather blade, masur birch/ desert Ironwood handle.

Roselli hunter 100mm, ovangol handle bronze spacers.

Lauri stainless and acrylic handle.

Puronvarsi hunter, brown leather and antler.

Lauri carbon steel and stained masur birch with red spacer.

Roselli carpenter blade 88mm and masur birch/padauk cut handle.

Two carving knifes

Ovangol wood and Puronvarsi carbon steel 85mm